Battlefield 1 error code 32504 - how to fix matchmaking error

Battlefield 1 error code 32504 - how to fix matchmaking error

Battlefield 1 error code 32504 - how to fix matchmaking error

If you are encountering Battlefield 1 error code 32504 while trying to join an online match, we have got you covered!

Battlefield 1 is a popular first-person shooter game that has captured the attention of millions of gamers worldwide. However, despite its popularity, players may sometimes encounter errors such as 34601 or 32504, which can disrupt their matchmaking experience.

In this article, we will explore what this error code means, the possible causes, and most importantly, how to fix it.

What is Battlefield 1 error code 32504?

Error code 32504 is a type of matchmaking error that players encounter when attempting to join online matches in Battlefield 1. This error code indicates a network connectivity issue, which prevents players from connecting to the game servers.

The error can occur due to a range of reasons, including issues with the game servers themselves, problems with the player's internet connection, or firewall and antivirus software blocking the connection to the servers.

On May 10, 2023, numerous user reports indicate that Battlefield 1 players are experiencing issues with server connectivity and gameplay. This indicates that the problem is not isolated to just a few players but is affecting a considerable portion of the game's player base.

How to fix Battlefield 1 error code 32504

Matchmaking errors can significantly impact a player's experience, especially in games that heavily rely on multiplayer features, like Battlefield 1. These errors can be incredibly frustrating and can potentially hinder a player's progress in the game.

To address this issue, we have compiled a comprehensive list of potential solutions that players can implement to fix these annoying matchmaking errors. Here are some potential fixes for Battlefield 1 error code 32504:

  • Check the server status: Go over here to see if the Battlefield 1 servers are up and running. If the game servers are down or experiencing technical difficulties, you can try waiting for a while and then attempt to connect again.
  • Check your internet connection: Players can troubleshoot their internet connection by restarting their router, checking for any network outages in their area, or contacting their internet service provider (ISP) for assistance.
  • Disable firewall or antivirus software: Check the firewall or antivirus software settings and ensure that Battlefield 1 is allowed to communicate through the network. If necessary, temporarily disable the software and attempt to connect to the game's servers again.
  • Disable other conflicting software: Try temporarily disabling any other software running on your computer that may interfere with the game's connection to the servers, such as VPN or network optimization software.

Matchmaking errors can be a major cause of annoyance and can disrupt a player's ability to enjoy a game's multiplayer mode. The Battlefield 1 error code 32504 is one such error.

However, by implementing the potential solutions we have provided, players can hopefully fix this error and return to playing the game without any further issues.

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