Baldur's Gate 3 House of Hope - how to reach it

Baldur's Gate 3 House of Hope mad Orc

Baldur's Gate 3 House of Hope mad Orc

After launching Baldur's Gate 3, many adventurers have been playing, having fun and solving quests. One of those is about finding hope, but in a house? Yes, we'll tell you how to get to the Baldur's Gate 3 House of hope.

On your perilous journey through the realms of Faerûn, this is only one of the many quests that you will find. It is definitely useful to know what you're delving into, before making any sudden decisions.

Let's not waste any more time and delve into the details on how to find the house of hope in Baldur's Gate 3.

Where is the house of hope in Baldur's Gate 3?

Basically, this is a location you need to unlock. The first thing is heading to the Devil's Fee shop and speak to Helsik to initiate the ritual to unlock it. She will then either ask you for money or, if you pass a Persuasion check, you can promise to bring back the Gauntlets of Hill to her.

Now to unlock the portal. There are five items that need to be placed in the correct position . you are provided some clues but the solution is to place the skull in the top-center, the coin of Mammon in the top-right, the diamond in the lower-right, the incense in the lower-left and the Infernal Marble in the center.

Voilà, the portal is now unlocked.

How to complete the House of Hope

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Before entering the Archives, ask to see the hammer directly to Hope and you will get an invitation to the Boudoir. Along with access to some much needed rest areas, you will also find Haarleep.

You will have to get the key from him, which you can do either via a fight or trying to persuade him. The key opens the safe to the left of the bed. After reading the note, head back to the Archives and get ready to fight.

Rescuing Hope

You'll want to head down the latch which is on the other side of the archives, staying away from the orb and other enemies chasing you. Just try to get as far away as possible. Head down the ladder, interact with the button on the right of the door ahead.

A fight will commence, be careful not to fall through the holes. Now free Hope by using the Hammer with the crystals. Hope will be your ally in the fight against Raphael.

Fighting against Raphael

Now go up the ladder and, again, try to stay as far away as possible as you make your way back to the entrance. Get some short rest if possible and heal back if you can, since Raphael will be a tough one.

Try to attack the pillars as much as possible and careful of Raphael summoning new enemies to fight. After destroying the pillars are destroyed, go hard on Raphael. After he changes into his demon form, just keep attacking and healing. He should go down after a while.

That's all we have for you on defeating Baldur's Gate 3 House of Hope. For more tips and tricks on the game check out our guides on companions and how to get a dog.

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