Baldur’s Gate 3 Gandrel – should we kill him?

Baldur's Gate 3 Gandrel

Baldur's Gate 3 Gandrel

On your journey to rid yourself of mind flayer parasites, you may come across a Gur NPC named Gandrel that hunts monsters for a living. When going through the Baldur’s Gate 3 Gandrel quests, there will come a point where you decide whether this monster hunter lives or dies.

Since the game is set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, you will be faced with a multitude of choices to make. Some may be as simple as deciding to open a caravan strongbox you were clearly told not to open, but others can be more complicated, like whether to spare a person’s life or not.

Choices matter in this role-playing game, so we’ve come up with this guide to help weigh in on how to go about the Baldur’s Gate 3 Gandrel series of quests.

Should you kill Gandrel in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The decision whether to kill Gandrel or not is yours to make. No matter what choice you go with, it will likely have an impact on how the rest of your campaign’s story unfolds. This decision may be a bit complicated since you learn that Gandrel is on the lookout for Astarion, one of your potential companions.

Here’s a look at how this part of your campaign may play out.

Decide to kill Gandrel

When Astarion realizes that he is Gandrel’s mark, the elf will insist on killing the Gur monster hunter. Following Astarion’s advice will trigger a battle with Gandrel where the NPC will drop the following items after being defeated.

  • A 3-12 damage crossbow named Gandrel’s Aspiration
  • Arrow of Fire
  • Arrow of Acid
  • 2 Torches
  • 2 Healing Potions

Gandrel will not leave behind any clues regarding his employer, but it is implied to be Astarion’s master.

Let Gandrel go

If you choose to stay your blade after encountering Gandrel, you get the option of helping him out by giving him directions to your camp in an attempt to capture Astarion. Doing this will impact your relationship with not just Astarion but with the entire party as well.

The other companions in your group will start to distrust you, should you decide to aid Gandrel. Sparing Gandrel’s life leaves a more open-ended conclusion to the Pale Elf storyline.

Where can you find Gandrel?

You can find Gandrel near Auntie Ethel’s house in the Sunlit Wetlands during Act 1. He is part of the Pale Elf questline which revolves around Astarion.

The Pale Elf series of quests is unlocked after having Astarion join your party. You can recruit the elf early on since he can be found near the Nautiloid crash site at the beginning of the game.

And that’s our guide on whether or not you should kill Gandrel in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more on the Dungeons and Dragons game, feel free to check out our guides on where to find Halsin and how to revive characters.

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