Baldur’s Gate 3 still continues to smash records in quick succession

Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to smash records - Karlach, a cute Tiefling, smiling at the player - me.

Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to smash records - Karlach, a cute Tiefling, smiling at the player - me.

Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3 is still continuing to break records weeks after release. The gargantuan Dungeons and Dragons RPG is not only still climbing in player numbers, but also in critical acclaim.

Last week, Baldur’s Gate 3 already managed to make its way into the Top Ten list of Steam’s highest concurrent player numbers. With 817,000 concurrent players, the RPG game was far bigger than even Larian thought it was going to be.

As displayed out on the game’s Steam Charts page, Baldur’s Gate 3 has managed to garner even more concurrent players on its second weekend. While not substantially more, the game managed to hit an all-time peak of over 875,000 players at the time of writing.

Baldur’s Gate 3 breaking records of concurrent players with a graph showing an all-time peak of 875,000 concurrents.
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However, this isn’t the only record that Baldur’s Gate 3 has managed to hit. On Metacritic, the game’s current reviews have pegged the RPG as one the all-time best PC game of all time, beating Half-Life 2, GTA V and even Baldur’s Gate 2.

On OpenCritic, a gaming-only alternative to Metacritic, has the game at an even higher accolade than its bigger predecessor. The game’s critical consensus on the platform has pegged it as one the best game ever made, beating Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. (And that’s without our review on the platform!)

Since launch, Baldur’s Gate 3 players have managed to spent more than 1,300 hours inside the game’s virtual world. Even before it’s PlayStation 5 port launches this September, the game is one of the most played games of the year.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s continued success comes with only one platform released so far. While a PS5 version is on the way, the game’s Xbox Series port is currently without a release date due to Series S performance issues. As expected, a Nintendo Switch version likely won’t be coming, unless the upcoming Switch 2 is powerful enough.

With Larian’s RPG being such a monumental success, the game has even managed to get fans interested in its tie-in Magic the Gathering cards. It’s a truly special game, and one that doesn’t come around often.

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