Backbone One's Post Malone Controller Will Leave You Rich and Sad

Post Malone smiling from Spotify art in front of the Backbone One x Post Malone green controller
Credit: Backbone / Spotify

Post Malone smiling from Spotify art in front of the Backbone One x Post Malone green controller
Credit: Backbone / Spotify

It's not often that you get some of the biggest musicians in the world collaborating with a gaming company, and even less so when it's the chart-topping Post Malone. However, considering the Rockstar singers' prolific gaming history, it's no surprise that Backbone One has enlisted him to create a Backbone One x Post Malone controller.

One of the best phone controllers, our Backbone One review gives some good reasons as to why the Backbone controller has seen success. Whether you're playing the best iPhone emulators or diving into the best Android games, the Backbone One gives you a solid and very portable controller for your smartphone.

However, while the Backbone One itself is easy to buy, the upcoming Post Malone Backbone One controller may spoil your night. That's because the $200 controller is limited to just 500 units, and considering how fast the Backbone One x Death Stranding sold out, we imagine this will instantly sell out.

The green translucent controller has Post Malone's signature initials on the extendable clamp that keeps the Backbone One secure on your smartphone, and the same initials can be found on the back of the device too. Each unit will have a limited edition number, as well as a signature box that the product arrives in.

If you're running around in excitement and pacing in Circles, the Post Malone x Backbone One peripheral will go on sale on June 25th, 2024, at 9AM PT / 12PM ET / 5PM BST, exclusively on the Backbone store. However, you'll have to be a Rockstar to get your hands on one fast enough.

If you're a fan of Post Malone and the idea of owning the controller is driving you Insane, but you don't play many mobile games, you can also remote play your PC or console games over your smartphone, allowing you to enjoy your favorite titles on-the-go. You can also connect your Backbone One to your PC directly, too.

While there's a slim chance of any of us getting our hands on the Post Malone Backbone One, we're hoping we're able to get one before they go out of stock. I guess we'll be Waiting for a Miracle before that happens though.

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