AYANEO AM01 and AM02 Retro Mini PCs are going to blast you into the past

AYANEO retro mini PCs - the AM01 on a desk

AYANEO retro mini PCs - the AM01 on a desk

Are you ready to play some good games that don't suck? Hopefully so. Chinese company AYANEO has just revealed two Retro Mini PCs, models AM01 and AM02, two tiny all-in-one consoles replicating quite the attractive 80s aesthetic.

The AM01 seems to be geared towards people who are more looking for the classic retro home computer experience, while the AM02 is definitely for the more NES-nostalgics among us.

The two retro Mini PCs will mount Windows 11 as an OS and should come equipped with either an AMD Ryzen 7 5700U or AMD Ryzen 3 3200U, according to Retrododo. While it is not clear which model will use which processor, clearly, if you are looking to use these two mini PCs to run the latest games, then you might be barking up the wrong tree.

These two products, rather, seem to be aimed at an audience looking for a PC powerful enough to run most daily tasks such as streaming movies or doing office work. But clearly they can easily emulate most consoles, at least up to the late 90s, along with decently reproducing a retro home computer experience. Sans the need to lug a heavy CRT monitor around, of course.

While it is yet not clear what ports will feature on each device, we can discern some of them from the announcement images. Both devices will probably feature several USB ports (probably up to three or four), along with an HDMI port and an ethernet socket. More interestingly, the AM02 features a little LCD screen on the front which might be used for several interesting things. Hopefully.

If you're curious about either of these devices, the Chinese company should make more information available right soon in the launch event, which should be coming in "mid-to-late November" according to the website.

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