Australian Tinder, Snapchat and Instagram could soon require ID

New Australian proposals could see users submit ID in order to use applications like Tinder, Snapchat and Instagram.

The Federal Government is considering the reforms currently and could make it a legal obligation for users to submit identification like a passport or driver's licence. 

Without the correct ID, users would not be able to create a profile on apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tinder. 

There aren’t currently any restrictions on users accessing these sites, which is why it’s incredibly easy for people to bully and harass others anonymously through social media platforms.

Online Bullying 

The reform will aim to limit bullying, trolling or harassment online as users could be identified by their personal ID. 

Online harassment regularly emanates from anonymous accounts, with the perpetrators rarely being charged or even caught for their actions. 

A parliamentary committee report suggests that users should have to produce ‘100 points of identification’. This would be a legal requirement for anyone wanting to open a social media account. 

The scheme would work similar to how individuals need to provide ID when opening a bank account or signing up to a phone contract. 

Global changes

A UK petition with over 170,000 signatures aimed to implement similar changes to social media use in the UK.

The petition was brought to the House of Parliament in March, although the government rejected the idea of removing online anonymity over fears that: “Anonymity underpins people's fundamental right to express themselves and access information online in a liberal democracy”. 

There have been similar calls for a system in America, but no one has raised any formal petitions or inquiries with the government. 

The Australian government is currently considering the report and will probably release a full statement in the next few weeks about the viability of the proposals. 

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