Atari VCS: How to upgrade RAM

The Atari VCS isn’t your standard gaming console. Marketed on combining classic Atari with modern sensibilities, there's a touch of retro and contemporary here.

Atari's new system is capable of more than just gaming. On top of being a console, it's also an entertainment center as well as a full-time fledged PC. However, the system only includes a measly 8GB of internal RAM.

Thankfully, Atari has made RAM upgradable on the Atari VCS, but doing so requires precision and proper procedure to pull it off. Missing just one step may totally disrupt your desired gaming experience so make sure to take caution when upgrading.

With that being said, here’s how to upgrade your Atari VCS RAM.

Check your Atari VCS’ RAM compatibility

The first thing you need to do is to check your Atari VCS’ compatibility with third-party RAM chips.

On the official support page for the VCS, Atari explains that the system is compatible with DDR4-2400 SODIMM RAM. Critically, it's essential that RAM is mounted in pairs.

The new Atari console has a maximum capacity of 32GB, but you'll have to add two 16GB modules to your device.

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Upgrade your VCS memory

In order to install the RAM upgrade on your Atari VCS, you need to get to the console’s memory. Thankfully, this isn't too complex a task. However, you'll need a T-10 TORX screwdriver to get into the system.

The Atari is easily entered by unclipping the rear plate and unscrewing the T-10 screws hidden beneath the rubber feet. From there, continue to unscrew and unclip components until you can take out the board. Then, flip over the console and slot in the RAM.

If that sounds complex, check out the video tutorial below.

Atari claims that it will not be responsible if any damage would be done to your console after attempting to do this. With this in mind, please be careful when upgrading your console's RAM.

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