The ASUS ROG Mjolnir Charges Your PC with the Power of Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the Marvel movies holding the ASUS ROG Mjolnir power bank
Credit: Marvel / ASUS

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the Marvel movies holding the ASUS ROG Mjolnir power bank
Credit: Marvel / ASUS

ASUS is set to release a new product worthy of the God of Thunder: the ASUS ROG Mjolnir, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). While it won't give you the ability to command thunder and lightning, it will power a wide range of devices.

Take, for instance, the best graphics cards. The latest GPUs require a lot of power, and ASUS promises the ROG Mjolnir can support an RTX 4080 for an hour, making it ideal for power outages.

But power outages aren't the only reason to buy this device. This new UPS offers a range of ports, making it perfect for camping or days out when you need to power multiple devices, such as charging one of the best gaming handhelds, like the ROG Ally or the upcoming ROG Ally X, over nine times.

Interestingly, the handle isn't for carrying the massive power bank. It's also a detachable flashlight, which is especially useful for camping or finding the right port in the dark to power your ASUS Zephyrus G14 for another gaming session. We imagine using the flashlight as an actual handle may be difficult.

If you're planning to get the upcoming iPhone 16 or the rumored self-healing foldable iPhone, the power bank also features MagSafe charging. This choice is curious, given that ASUS has its own Android smartphones, including the recent ASUS ROG Phone 8. It also supports solar panel charging, though considering its size, relying on the sun might not be practical.

ASUS hasn't revealed the full specs for the ASUS ROG Mjolnir yet, but it does support USB-C charging with up to 100W delivery and reportedly offers a 768Wh capacity. The price and release date are still unknown, but given its range of features, it won't be cheap. However, if you're an ASUS ROG fan and need a product worthy of Thor himself, this could be a great addition to your gear.

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