Assassin's Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok Runes Disappeared Error: How To Fix The Divine Upgrade Issue

Have you been affected by the Dawn of Ragnarok runes disappeared issue? Players are reporting that having downloaded the latest DLC for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, they are finding that their runes have gone missing. And a Viking without their runes is like an oligarch without a football team to call their own.

While we may not be in a position to help any oligarchs, we can help by explaining the issue around the disappearing runes, and what you may be able to do about it. Here's everything you need to know.

How To Fix The Divine Upgrade Issue

If you find yourself in the peculiar position of having a lovely set of Divine armour, but suddenly no runes, there is one potential workaround that can help. It does, however, require you to have a save file from before the runes were lost. If you don't have a save file like that, then you are pretty stuck at the moment. So let's hope and pray this isn't the case.

Dawn of Ragnarok Runes Disappeared
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Here's what you need to do:

  • Before turning on AC: Valhalla, disconnect your internet connection, so that the game cannot automatically upgrade your armour and weapons.
  • Launch the game while you are offline.
  • Select the game file which still has runes in it.
  • Once the game has opened, remove all the runes that are attached to Reda or shop items. The runes should move back into your inventory.
  • Once you've removed the runes, save the game.
  • You can then reconnect your PC or console to the internet.

As soon as you go back online, the game will upgrade your gear from Mythical to Divine. But because the runes aren't equipped, they won't be lost. And there you go. Robert's your father's brother.

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If, for some reason, this doesn't work, or you didn't have that all-important save file to select, it may be worth getting in touch with the support team at Ubisoft, to see if they can offer any additional assistance.

What Is The Dawn of Ragnarok Runes Disappeared Error?

This particular bug first began appearing a few days before Dawn of Ragnarok landed. Like a dire portent in the sky, it foretold of what was to come. Essentially, players who had Mythical armour or weapons saw them upgrade to Divine quality. Which sounds great. Except it then took all their runes away, without warning.

Understandably, this has caused a fair amount of upset and anger amongst players. More so because the process appears to be automatic. When players start the game, it immediately upgrades the Mythical items, and players don't seem to be able to stop it.

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The only workaround so far seems to be the one we've highlighted above. So give it a try, and hopefully, you won't lose all that hard-won lucre. And if we're really lucky, Ubisoft will release a patch in the near future to resolve this issue.

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