Army of the Dead easter egg contains an exciting link

Zack Snyder’s recent Army of the Dead film contains an interesting easter egg. A brief moment potentially links the world to his previous zombie-themed feature, Dawn of the Dead.

Army of the Dead released earlier this month on Netflix, and marks Zack Snyder's first return to the zombie genre since his debut remake of Dawn of the Dead.

Army of the Dead features Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Ama de la Reguera and Omari Hardwick.

In the film, Batista plays Scott Ward who leads a heist to recover $200 million from a casino in the centre of a zombie outbreak.

Loose Link

For those eagle-eyed viewers, there’s a very brief moment when Dawn of the Dead is referenced on screen.  

Around 27 minutes into the movie, a character is browsing on their phone and scrolls past a story about an ‘04 zombie outbreak in Milwaukee. 

This is a direct reference to Dawn of the Dead. Zack Snyder’s remake of the cult classic was set in Milwaukee and released in 2004.

It could just be a throwaway reference, or it could be that the films take place in the same world. It could well be the former as there are already other Army of the Dead projects in development.

Future Developments 

Army of the Dead was only released a few weeks ago, but there are already several related projects in development. A prequel titled ’Army of Thieves’ will reportedly release this year, and will follow one of the primary characters in the main film.

Snyder is also developing an animated series called ‘Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas’ which will also serve as a prequel. The primary cast of characters will reprise their roles, and the show will follow the characters' journeys before the start of the zombie outbreak. 

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