Armored Core 6 abilities – what moves can you do with your mech?

Armored Core 6 abilities

Armored Core 6 abilities

Get ready for some mech-on-mech violence by familiarizing yourself with Armored Core 6 abilities. Sure the game will give you lots of cool-looking weapons and specialized parts, but knowing how to use them properly could be the difference between moving on to the next mission and returning to your garage for a bunch of repairs.

Expectations are high for Armored Core 6 after the success of FromSoftware’s previous release, Elden Ring. But it looks like Fires of Rubicon might just live up to the hype since it has been getting mostly positive feedback from fans who were able to test the game with an early build.

With plenty of previous installments to draw from, we can expect Armored Core 6 abilities to be a nice blend of old-school techniques and modern innovations.

What abilities can you use in Armored Core 6?

While much of your AC’s weapon loadout and maneuverability will depend on how you’ve built it, you’ll have a couple of basic abilities at your disposal that are essential for every pilot. Most if not all ACs in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon should be able to use both Boost and Assault Boost abilities.

Let's look at them in more detail.


Using boost will activate your boosters, allowing you to dart across the ground or propel yourself in the air. In previous Armored Core games, boosters are required for every AC build since they will be your primary means of traversing the map.

Assault Boost

This ability will kick your boosters into high gear, allowing you to quickly close the gap on enemies for a flurry of melee attacks. Assault Boost is new to the franchise, although many have likened it to the Over Boost feature found in older Armored Core games.

What combat abilities will you have in Armored Core 6?

Unlike your basic movement abilities, your mech’s weapon capabilities will heavily rely on what your loadout looks like. We don’t have an exact number on how many different weapons will be in Armored Core 6 just yet, but Armored Core: Verdict Day did have about 25 weapon types, making for hundreds of unique armaments.

What we do know is that your AC will have four slots for weapons, one on each arm and one on each shoulder. Armored Core always has a wide variety of weapons to choose from that include things like laser blades and rail cannons, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to come up with a loadout that suits your playstyle.

If you plan on getting the game for PC, don’t forget to check out its system requirements. You might also want to consider taking a look at how Armored Core 6 might perform on the Steam Deck.

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