Ares actor David Thewlis is very confused that he's in the Snyder Cut

In the world of cinematic universes, it’s easy for fans to lose track of what characters are in what films. Even better, sometimes actors end up forgetting which films they've worked on, like Gwenyth Paltrow in Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, the case of David Thewlis as Ares is far more interesting.

Ares actor David Thewlis has no idea why he's in the Snyder Cut

In an Instagram post, Wonder Woman actor David Thewlis revealed that he's become aware of his appearance in Zack Snyder's Justice League. Thewlis explained that he had no memory of ever taking part in filming the movie and asked fans to explain.

“I would just like to say that I have no recollection of this ever happening - I assume it was before lockdown. I do not know these gentlemen and I have no idea why my left arm is so tiny. Anyone with further information please come forward.”
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Fans explained that the actor’s face was digitally added to a stuntman’s body to keep the character of Ares consistent in the DCEU. The actor asked the fan if they could call his agent to “explain all that".

When asking if the actor was on set at any point for the film, Thewlis was confused that it was even part of a movie. “Oh, it's a film?” the actor replied. Another fan explained that Thewlis' Ares was the reason that Darkseid failed to takeover Earth. “Did I? Who's he then?” Thewlis said.

The SnyderVerse has been covered in a thick layer of constant controversy. While it's not currently known if the actor's likeness was allowed to be used for the Snyder Cut's Ares, that seems like a huge mistake for Warner Bros to make. Nevertheless, it's still an intriguing situation.

We've reached out to the actor's agency for comment.

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