Are Smite servers down? Server status, downtime

Are Smite servers down - warriors fighting on ice

Are Smite servers down - warriors fighting on ice

There's nothing worse than the feeling of not being able to play your favorite arena shooter. Perhaps the problem is on your end, but other times, the issue might be with the servers. You might be wondering, are Smite servers down? Let's see what's happening.

Smite is a classic MOBA arena shooter, most fun with your friends, as well as shooting down strangers from all over the world.

But how can you do that if the servers aren't working? Let's find out what is going on with the Smite servers and how much we are going to wait.

Are Smite servers down?

Right now, at the time of writing on November 15 2023, the servers seem to be working correctly. There is no planned maintenance at this time.

The last time the servers were down was on October 10, when the new 10.10 mid patch was launched, with logins being limited.

How to check if the Smite servers are down

The best way to check the current status of the server is to do so on the official Hi-rez studios page. They will inform you also about past incidents.

Alternatively, if you feel you are still having problems with the server, you can report your issues and check if others are doing the same on Downdetector. That way you can see if you are the only one having problems connecting to Smite.

How long is the downtime for the Smite servers?

The answer depends on the maintenance being planned for the servers. For example, in the case of the latest 10.10 mid patch, the servers were down for approximately two hours, limiting logins all around.

The latest server maintenance occurred in October of 2023 and took around three hours of downtime. Clearly, in the case of a much more intensive maintenance the servers might be down for longer. It might be useful, in that case, to try and connect to a different region, but keep in mind that might only be a limited solution, depending on the maintenance that is being planned.

That's all you need to know on the Smite servers downtime. For more information on connection issues, you might want to know about errors with EA FC 24 and Diablo 4.

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