Apple's Mixed Reality headset weighs less than an iPhone, likely costs more

The hotly anticipated Apple Mixed Reality headset may be a big ticket item for the iPhone company, but it'll be a very light device. In fact, compared to its competitors, Apple may have crafted the lightest headset yet.

Detailed by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Mac), the Apple Mixed Reality headset will weigh less than an IPhone 12.

Apple Mixed Reality Headset weight

The upcoming Apple headset is said to weigh just 150 grams. In comparison, a full-grade Oculus Rift weighs 470g; the smaller, standalone Quest 2 comes in at 503g.

With Apple providing a mixed reality experience instead of limiting the user to just VR, perhaps the Microsoft HoloLense 2 would be a better comparison. That device comes in at 566g.

The Apple headset's weight is similar to that of an iPhone 12, although it weighs less than the smartphone depending on your model. It'll weigh more than an iPhone 12 Mini (135g) but less than a normal iPhone 12 (164g). It weighs considerably less than an iPhone 12 Max which comes in at 228g – a beefy boy.

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What lenses are in Apple's Headset?

The Apple Mixed Reality headset is said to use Fresnel’s hybrid ultra-short focal length lenses. These plastic lenses reportedly result in the device's lower weight as well as improved field of view for users.

"The critical design trend is to achieve a thin and light design with an ultra-short focal length lens/Fresnel lens," Kuo explains. "The design challenge is also related to the display, optical material, thermal, and production. We believe that solving this complicated optical design is one of the major competitive advantages of video-see-through AR HMDs and in the future."

Alongside the 15 different camera sensors in the headset, Apple will be using a micro-OLED display. This is a key component in battling the lower brightness caused by the new lenses.

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