Apple's VR headset reported to cost $3000, features 8K displays

Virtual Reality is still in its infancy. While the headsets are improving at an impressive rate, VR has yet to break through into the casual gaming sphere perhaps as much as Oculus hoped when they first revealed the Oculus Rift in 2013.

However, as more companies get involved with VR, the technology is improving, becoming more widely used, and becoming more accessible.

With Facebook, Sony, Microsoft, Steam and HTC now involved in VR, it seems the next huge tech company to make the move into VR will be Apple. While we're sure the technology will be incredible, questions must be asked about Apple's VR headset being accessible...

Here's all you need to know.

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A new kind of VR, at a premium

As first reported by Bloomberg, Apple has been working away on a headset -codenamed N301.

While its existence does not mean it will be launching anytime in the near future, Bloomberg also said that Apple plans to launch its VR headset as soon as 2022.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this would be a device especially for Macs, but it's actually designed to be stand-alone, more like the Oculus Quest.

If an Apple VR headset sounds appealing to you, then you'll need to get saving up. According to reports from The Information, Apple's VR headset could potentially cost $3000. In comparison to Oculus' $300 VR headsets this looks pretty steep, but if this pricing is correct then Apple's headset will still be cheaper than Microsoft's latest HoloLens.

So, what kind of tech justifies its price?

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What kind of machine is it?

The Information'sreport builds on what Bloomberg first reported on Apple's VR headset. The headset will feature two 8K displays - a much higher resolution device than any other VR product on the market. In order to output 8K resolutions, the headset will use eye-tracking technology to output a lower quality display in the areas where users are looking.

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This is what Apple's headset could look like... (Image: The Information)

The chips in Apple's devices are incredibly powerful, and the VR headset is set to continue this trend with a chip that may even beat out Apple's latest M1 chip.

Neither of the reports specifically mention the headset's functionality as a games platform, which is something Apple may need to invest in or explore further. The report also states that the VR headset will include some AR functionality, so we'll have to see how it pans out.

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