How to pre-order the Apple Vision Pro

Person wearing Apple Vision Pro headset
Credit: Apple

Person wearing Apple Vision Pro headset
Credit: Apple

Apple fanatics are going to have to learn how to pre-order the Apple Vision Pro, which is the American multinational’s latest flagship product. This ground-breaking mixed reality headset marks the company’s first foray into a new technological category since the release of the Apple Watch in 2015. Adding an Apple Vision Pro to your gadget collection will allow you to seamlessly blend digital content with the physical world, as you’ll be able to capture magical spatial photos and videos in 3D.

In this article, we’re going to explain how you can pre-order an Apple Vision Pro for yourself, as the purchasing process for this product is slightly more involved.

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Credit: Apple

How to pre-order Apple Vision Pro

If you’re ordering an Apple Vision Pro online from the comfort of your home, then you’ll need to take measurements of your face with an iPhone or iPad that has a Face ID.

This ensures that you get a precise fit upon delivery, as Apple can determine the right size Light Seal and headbands from the measurements you provide.

Open up the Apple Store application on your iPhone or iPad and follow the facial prompts on-screen to submit your measurements. You also need to make sure that your Apple Store application is updated to the latest version, so make sure you update your device software ahead of time.

Another point to note is that those with a prescription for glasses or contacts can buy the Apple Vision Pro with Zeiss prescription lenses, which magnetically attach to the headset. To do this, make sure you have your prescription details to hand when ordering custom optical inserts. Once you complete the checkout process, Apple will prompt you to upload a valid and unexpired prescription from a United States eye-care professional.

To recap, the following are the pre-order requirements:

  1. Face ID scan – use an iPhone or iPad to scan your face for a custom fit of the Light Seal and Headbands
  2. Apple Store app update – make sure you’ve got the latest version of the Apple Store app installed, as it supports Apple Vision Pro face scanning

With that knowledge imparted, you can go ahead and begin your pre-order and brace yourself for the numerous spatial possibilities that this product is capable of.

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