Apple Vision Pro gives you the worst way to play Game Boy games ever

Apple Vision Pro next to a purple Game Boy Advance
Credit: Apple / Nintendo

Apple Vision Pro next to a purple Game Boy Advance
Credit: Apple / Nintendo

Have you ever wanted to play the iconic Game Boy, an already portable and handy gaming console, in the worst way possible due to playing it inside a $3500 mixed reality headset with a low battery life? If you said yes, you might have too much money, and we also have some good news for you.

The Apple Vision Pro reviews definitely make it hard to part with over three thousand dollars of your hard-earned cash, however, over 180,000 people pre-ordered the headset that looks to earn a spot on the best VR headsets list. Even if Apple doesn't want to call it a VR headset.

However, those of you who decided to buy the headset and want to get the most out of it (especially considering the lacklustre Apple Vision Pro apps list), then you might be in luck. In a new clip made by @rileytestut and shared by James Abev, the app developer can be seen playing with the iconic Game Boy Advance virtually, within the Apple Vision Pro headset.

The video showcases @rileytestut, who goes by Riles on Twitter, playing Pokémon on the Game Boy, tapping the virtual, non-existent buttons in the air above their lap. Is it practical? Absolutely not, and it's slightly cursed too. However, it's at least something to do if you have buyer's remorse from Apple's pricey new headset.

There's obviously plenty of better ways to play Game Boy, without the risk of the battery suddenly dying in your "spatial computing" headset, and it's nothing we haven't seen before. In fact, just recently, the CitraVR 3DS emulator released for Quest users, which is remarkably similar to the Vision Pro's Game Boy emulator. And for a lot less money too, Quest: 1, Apple Vision Pro: 0.

That's not including the hundreds of retro handhelds that are capable of emulating Game Boy games, as well as other classic consoles, at a fraction of the price. This is definitely not a sole reason to purchase the Apple Vision Pro, even if user demos give tempt us to buy Apple's headset.

However, options are great. And if you've already spent thousands on the Apple Vision Pro (hopefully not via scalpers on eBay, at least), this is a pretty interesting experience to say the least. Not interesting enough to drop three thousand or more on, but definitely intriguing.

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