Apple Vision Pro users might get full body tracking… after launch and if they’re lucky

A poor woman wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset, thinking she looks cool when she actually looks like a dork

A poor woman wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset, thinking she looks cool when she actually looks like a dork

Apple’s $3499 Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset won’t launch with all of its key features, because of course. Instead, fans will to wait until after launch to experience actually interesting features such as Full Body Tracking.

The Apple Vision Pro headset may be a $3499 headset for rich dorks that may have a release date of early next year, but not much else is known about it. Apple’s device is seemingly capable of AR screens to watch content, but so is the five-times-cheaper Meta Quest 3, and that headset is failing to sell already.

According to Bloomberg, the Apple Vision Pro’s array of sensors are actually capable of realistic full body tracking. Unfortunately, that feature won’t be ready in time for the device’s launch, and it will be integral for a number of fitness apps Apple wishes to release for the machine.

Previous reports claimed that Apple had cut full body tracking from the device because it couldn’t get the technology to work. Proposed versions of the tracking software used the headset’s down-facing cameras — which are still present in current versions of the headset — to track users’ legs and feet.

Nevertheless, engineers are still attempting to bring full body tracking to the headset, a feature that is one of the primary reasons the headset is so costly to begin with. With the feature working, the device can be pitched as a high-end exercise device with Apple Fitness + apps teaching people exactly how to work out.

The VR and AR platform has always been a hit from an exercise perspective. Games such as Beat Saber have been used primarily as a fun workout whilst other fitness apps have seen huge success on Meta Quest headsets. Even VR biking apps paired with exercise bikes have been a success.

Of course, this has all been done without full body tracking, although it would help. While the Meta Quest 3 is capable of foot tracking, it can only be done when directly looking at the user’s feet, which isn’t really usable for full body tracking or exercise routines.

Nevertheless, the Apple Vision Pro isn’t likely launching with full body tracking, and the technology may never come to the headset. However, if it ever does arrive on Apple’s enormously expensive mixed reality headset, it may make it slightly more worth the price of admission.

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