Your Apple Vision Pro will be outdated on launch

A woman wearing the Apple Vision Pro with a big smile

A woman wearing the Apple Vision Pro with a big smile

The upcoming Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset will already be outdated when you unbox it on launch day. With shipments already ready following the first wave of pre-orders, Apple’s headsets won’t come with the most recent OS update.

All Apple Vision Pro headsets are expected to come with VisionOS 1.0 by standard. At last, that should be the case for all 180,000 pre-orders of the new mixed reality headset.

However, Apple has already released an update for its headset that will be available to install upon unboxing. On launch day, users of the niche headset will be able to install VisionOS 1,01, which was released last night on Apple’s servers.

Spotted by Nicolás Álvarez, a keen-eyed git repository watcher, the update has been released prior to the headset’s launch, but after the initial manufacturing. It’s not said what this update adds to the Apple Vision Pro, but we’d guess the usual performance and security improvements.

Apple is no stranger to releasing software updates prior to a device’s release. In fact, the company has a long history of having updates ready for launch day. After all, isn’t a day one update now a rite of passage?

The Apple Vision Pro software update won’t add anything major to the device. For example, it won’t make every iPad app compatible to make up for the lack of Netflix or the omission of a YouTube app. But it will be an essential install for those who want the best performance they can get out of their headset.

Apple’s new headset is certainly a niche release, even with huge companies like Disney backing it. While it won’t achieve the widespread appeal of the Meta Quest 3, it will be enjoyed by a small audience.

There are already multiple clones of Apple’s headset in the works, including a Sony MR headset designed for 3D artists. With LG also on Apple’s heels, there’s a chance we could see a resurgence of mixed reality technology.

The Apple Vision Pro finally releases on February 2, 2024.

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