Apple May Debut Dedicated Passwords App with Windows Support

A close up of the top half of an iPhone 15 Pro Max with an encrypted password box on the screen
Credit: Apple

A close up of the top half of an iPhone 15 Pro Max with an encrypted password box on the screen
Credit: Apple

Apple is set to showcase some upcoming innovations next week at WWDC 2024, offering users a glimpse of new features across its various operating systems, including those coming with iOS 18. However, a recent report suggests that a significant new app could finally be arriving on the iPhone.

While the focus is currently on the rumored AI enhancements for the iPhone, with various iOS 18 AI features already leaked, the iOS 18 release could introduce a major new app for the iPhone that also works on Windows PCs.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is planning to debut a new Passwords app for iPhone and iPad. Although iCloud already includes a basic password manager called Keychain, which syncs saved passwords across iPhone, iPad, and macOS, this new app could represent a significant quality of life improvement.

The app will function similarly to Keychain, allowing users to generate strong passwords and sync them across various devices. However, the new Passwords app might offer the ability to categorize different types of passwords, such as Wi-Fi passwords, account logins, and 2FA codes. This could potentially rival Google's and Microsoft's authenticator apps.

The most intriguing part of the report is that the Passwords app might be compatible with Windows, as well as one of the best VR headsets, the Apple Vision Pro. This would position it as a strong competitor to popular third-party password management apps like LastPass and 1Password, especially if it includes Apple's high-quality design and security features.

While it will be an exciting addition to iOS 18, it's surprising that it has taken this long for a dedicated Passwords app to arrive on Apple devices. Given Apple's strong emphasis on privacy and security, it's unexpected that it has taken this long. Nevertheless, the potential Windows support will be a welcome feature for those using iPhones but not Macs.

We'll likely have to wait until later this year to hear more about the upcoming iPhone 16 or perhaps the iPhone SE 4, but the introduction of this dedicated app and AI features could make watching WWDC 2024 very interesting.

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