Apple is reportedly looking to make even bigger iPad Pro devices

The current run of Apple iPad Pro tablets are not insubstantial in their size. While the slate of touchscreen starts at a modest 11-inch for the new 2021 lineup, the tablets' biggest option available is just 12.9-inches.

In person, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a massive device with a lot of screen real estate to work on. However, Apple is reportedly looking into making even bigger devices for Pro consumers that require a larger canvas.

Apple possibly making 14-inch iPad Pro

In a report by Mark Gurman, it's been coddled that Apple is considering larger display iPad Pros. The report claims that these larger devices are a few years down the line of the company devices to create them at all.

The new larger displays are expected to come after the release of the new iPad design. Instead of a metallic back, newer devices are expected to have a fully glass rear. This would also allow the device to support wireless charging. Furthermore, this would bring the company's tablets closer to their vision of a portless device library.

Gurman explains that the larger iPad Pro devices will rival that of the Macbook. Currently, there are 13-inch and 16-inch Macbook Pro laptops. Would a 16-inch iPad Pro be too big for consumers?

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Do fans want this? Kinda.

Shortly following the news of larger iPad devices, 9to5Mac conducted a poll regarding the report. In the poll, the outlet asked fans if they'd be interested in a 14-inch or 16-inch iPad Pro In the future 26.69% of readers responded that they would love a 16-inch device, but 33.56% said they'd never buy a tablet that big.

Furthermore, 19.22% responded that they'd want to see one in person before purchase. Finally, 18.18% of readers were interested in a slightly bigger 14-inch.

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Via 9to5Mac

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