Anti-immigrant Robot Dogs will now patrol the US-Mexico border

The company that strapped a massive rifle to the back of a robotic dog has brought the world even more dystopia. In a partnership with the United States’ Department of Homeland Security, Ghost Robotics has added anti-immigrant Robot Dogs to the US’ border control.

Ghost Robotics’ anti-immigrant Robot Dogs

Announced via a Homeland Security press release, Ghost Robotics’ Robotics technology will be used to patrol the southern border of the United States. In an actual statement from Homeland Security, the situation is described as: “man’s best friend... with a very futuristic twist."

The anti-immigrant Robot Dogs will patrol the harsh desert terrain around the border, looking for people aiming to cross over. Upon finding someone looking to traverse across the border, the robotic tools will snitch on attempted refugees.

Homeland Security’s Science and Technology program manager, Brenda Long, explained the reasoning behind the robotics. Long said:

“The southern border can be an inhospitable place for man and beast, and that is exactly why a machine may excel there. This S&T-led initiative focuses on Automated Ground Surveillance Vehicles, or what we call ‘AGSVs.’ Essentially, the AGSV program is all about…robot dogs. “

The devices are all altered versions of existing Ghost Robotics machines. Some aspects of the robots had to be re-engineered to create a “rugged, quadruped” that “traverses all types of natural terrain including sand, rocks, and hills, as well as human-built environments”.

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We're living in the future, and it's horrifying

The introduction of robotic animals into the border control system is a haunting addition to the border’s police presence. With Ghost Robotics’ history of strapping weapons to their devices, weaponised versions of these tools could arrive in the future.

This comes after the United States denied restrictions on weaponised robotics to the United Nations. Despite calls from anti-robot groups like Stop Killer Robots, the U.S. and other countries are adamant about keeping their robots.

The introduction of robot dogs to the border is just a first step in the future of police robots. As it stands, it's already an uncomfortable, dystopian addition, but this is only the start.

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