Average Android internal storage is still under 100GB, less than iOS

The average amount of internal storage on Android devices is rising. As phones get more powerful and apps get larger, Android creators are rapidly improving storage capacity.

Reported by analysts at Counterpoint, Android devices among all spec ranges have started to become larger. However, Apple smartphones still lead the race.

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What is the average amount of Android internal storage?

The Counterpoint report explains that the average amount of Android Internal Storage was less than 100GB. In 2020, Android devices had an average storage capacity of 97.11GB.

This is still the highest non-iOS hardware yet. The report states that average Android storage has increased by 21.7% over figures from 2019. The figure is due to the vast range of Android devices. While specialised devices have a storage capacity of 1TB, other devices have paltry 32GB capacities.

Despite the huge range of devices, the report explains that Android devices do have a higher demand for high storage compared to iPhone, which are backed by iCloud storage.

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Does iOS have more storage?

On average, iOS devices do have more internal storage than the average of Android devices. In 2020, Apple did see a boost in average storage by 4.1%.

In pure numbers, the average storage capacity of iOS devices was 140.9GB compared to Android's 95.7%. However, the highest storage capacity iPhone devices are not the most demanded. The report explains that the 512GB iOS devices have a demand of just 3.7%.

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