Android 13 Samsung: Release date speculation, and everything we know so far

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - Android 13 Samsung release date
Credit: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - Android 13 Samsung release date
Credit: Samsung

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With Android 13 now available on compatible Google Pixel phones, such as the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, there are plenty of people wondering when the Android 13 Samsung release date is going to be.

After all, Samsung currently has the largest market share of any smartphone manufacturer, with hugely popular devices such as the Galaxy S22. This means there are a lot of potential customers, all eager to get their hands on the new OS.

So when exactly can Samsung users expect to get access to Android 13? Read on, for everything we know...

Android 13 Samsung Release Date Speculation

Android 13 is, of course, already available to users of compatible Pixel phones. This makes a lot of sense when you consider that Pixel phones use stock Android, and are manufactured by Google, which also makes the software.

Everyone else though, needs to spend time making sure that the new Android OS works with whatever UI overlay they are using. Samsung is no exception to this.

As such, the company is currently operating a public beta for their One UI 5.0 software, so they are clearly getting ready to launch the software, which will be underpinned by Android 13.

We know it's coming soon. But as is so often the case, we haven't been given a specific date. In a blog post, Google states that Android 13 will be rolled out to devices "later this year". So we'd be confident that Samsung users will see the Android 13 update before the end of 2022. But is it possible to narrow it down any further?

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Using history as our guide, we generally see Samsung roll out its newest UI a few months after the release of a new Android system. Android 12 for instance, was released in October 2021, and UI 4 began rolling out at the tail-end of November.

The previous year, Android 11 was released in September, and Samsung started delivering the updated UI in late December 2020.

We already know they are running Beta tests. And Android 13 has launched weeks earlier than normal. So on that basis, we'd expect Samsung to have UI 5.0 ready to roll before the end of 2022. History suggests you might need to wait for 3 to 4 months from the release of Android 13. But that would still point to a November release.

One further point to consider: Samsung typically rolls out its new software to its flagship devices first - the newer, the sooner. It then trickles down to cheaper and older devices. So if you do have an older phone that is still eligible for Android 13, you may be waiting longer, perhaps even into 2023.

Which Samsung Phones Will Get Android 13?

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While a definitive list has yet to be confirmed by Samsung, there is a collection of devices that we are very confident will receive the Android 13 update at some point.

Samsung previously committed to providing at least three generations of Android OS upgrades. On that basis, the following devices are set to benefit (all of these started out on Android 10 or higher):

  • Galaxy S20 series (Android 10)
  • Galaxy S21 series (Android 11)
  • Galaxy S22 series (Android 12)
  • Galaxy Note 20 series (Android 10)
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2, Fold 3, and Fold 4 (Android 10+)
  • Galaxy Z Flip, Flip 3, and Flip 4 (Android 10+)
  • Galaxy A52 and A53 (Android 11 and 12, respectively)
  • Galaxy A71, A72, and A73 (Android 10+)

And for completeness, the Galaxy Tab S7 (Android 10) and Galaxy Tab S8 (Android 12) are also expected to receive the update.

So while we don't have a definite date of release, we are confident that the Android 13 update is well on the way. If you own any of the devices we've listed, then you are highly likely to get it. But when specifically, is a little harder to pin down.

As we said earlier, the newer, and more premium, your device, the sooner you are likely to get it.

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