Nightingale shockingly removes FSR3 support ahead of launch

Nightingale key art with two Realmwalkers next to a Realm door
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale key art with two Realmwalkers next to a Realm door
Credit: Inflexion Games

Despite bumping the launch date to a couple of days ahead of the original release date, Inflexion Games has removed AMD FSR3 support ahead of launch due to an unknown issue that affected users who have enabled the setting or not.

Whether you're using one of the best graphics cards from Nvidia or you're sticking with something like the AMD 7600 XT, AMD FSR3 is a great way of getting some more frames out of your card, especially if you're using the best gaming monitors on a budget card. However, Nightingale is a game that won't be supporting AMD's FSR3 tech. At least, not at launch.

Despite having FSR3 as an option during the server stress test, and likely the closed tests of the game, Inflexion Games has confirmed that the technology was causing problems for Nightingale. Strangely, the problem was causing crashes for users whether or not it was enabled in settings, as confirmed by the team in a pre-launch community blog post.

"After reviewing crash data from the Server Stress Test, a significant number of them seemed to point to FSR3 integrations, whether or not users had the setting turned on," the blog post states, with Inflexion Games working with "external and internal teams" to see if they can implement FSR3 or an older FSR in a future patch.

FSR3 removal notice on the community blog post from Nightingale developers, Inflexion Games
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Credit: Inflexion Games

However, it's not all bad news. Both DLSS and Intel's XeSS are still in the game, giving users at least some other options. XeSS is likely the closest competitor to FSR, considering it works on AMD, Nvidia, and Intel GPUs. However, DLSS is proprietary tech, and only RTX cards can use it. We haven't had the chance to use XeSS ourselves, but reports suggest that it can be better than some versions of FSR, depending on the game at least.

It's certainly a strange situation to see something as common as FSR in modern games causing plenty of issues, so much so that it needs to be removed. Hopefully, the team at Inflexion Games can work with the various teams to add it back into the game after launch.

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