AMD wants its future 'Zen 4' & 'Zen 5' CPU's, and RDNA 3 GPU's to be very competitive

As we head into this new decade with a bang, many eyes from the PC space are looking at what's ahead for their computers and components.

While many are looking at higher refresh rates and resolutions for their monitors, others are seeing how ray-tracing and AI can further enhance the gaming field.

All of this is why it was interesting to hear from AMD's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su on her ideas for the products going forward, thanks to an interview over at AnandTech.

With that, let's go into what it could mean for the product lines from AMD in the coming years.

Zen 4 and Zen 5

While AMD's CEO talked about their healthy relationship with Apple and their achievements with the M1 chip, Dr. Su was quick to mention about the plans that are already in the works for the 'Zen 4' and 'Zen 5' series of chips.

Dr. Su mentioned that: "We are as good as we are with the product today, but with our ambitious roadmaps, we are focusing on Zen 4 and Zen 5 to be extremely competitive. Also on GPUs, David Wang and the team focus on our long term roadmaps, and we pick the right mix of risk to get innovation, performance, and predictability. Bets are made, and we track the progress."

With 'Zen 3' only just being released to the masses, with its laptop variant only being announced at CES 2021, it's interesting that they are focused on the roadmap for the next decade.

The space between 'Zen 2' and 'Zen 3' was roughly 14 months, so we may see 'Zen 4' in only a year's time.

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RDNA3 Incoming?

However, while PC owners usually upgrade their CPU component every few years, with a new motherboard to support the socket, the GPU upgrades are much faster, with some even upgrading every 12 months.

It looks like AMD is well aware of this, wanting to cater to the latest technologies as soon as.

Dr Su mentioned that: "We’re happy with RDNA2 on performance per watt, and overall performance, and we have a lot of focus on RDNA3. On elements such as AI specific integration, we are making investments. CDNA launched in November, and you will see us adding more AI capability to our CPUs and GPUs."

While the space of AMD's CPU releases are 14 months, the GPU's are much longer, with RDNA1 and RDNA2 having a 4 year gap between them.

However, there's nothing stopping AMD in accelerating the gap, with new GPU lines or even a half-way-upgrade of a GPU in two years.

The next frontier that some will be looking at, will be their integrated 'Vega' graphics on some CPU lines, which will be interesting to see how they run on RDNA2.

However, while AMD work to alleviate the stock issues for their products, alongside their competitor, we may be a long while off from seeing the successors to 'Zen 3' and 'RDNA2' for the time being.

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