AMD claims Radeon demand is ‘strong’ despite Nvidia’s huge lead

The AMD Radeon logo on top of a gaming PC

The AMD Radeon logo on top of a gaming PC

Despite years of Nvidia’s reign on the PC gaming market, sales of AMD Radeon GPUs are on the up. However, the PC hardware company won’t tell anyone just how much graphics card sales have improved.

While AMD’s gaming revenue was down by 17% compared to 2022’s, the sales of Radeon hardware is up. This means that reduced sales of console hardware, including the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5, have caused a dip in revenue.

AMD CEO Lisa Su explained that the sharp drop in console sales “was partially offset by increased sales of Radeon GPUs. In Gaming Graphics, revenue grew both year over year and sequentially, driven by strong demand in the channel for both our Radeon 6000 and Radeon 7000 series GPUs."

However, this “strong demand” for Radeon hardware has only been teased, not proven. With Nvidia still leading the PC gaming market with its RTX graphics cards with features such as DLSS and RTX ray reconstruction, it seems from the outside that AMD is very far behind.

On the other hand, AMD’s graphics tech has always primarily been focused on the console market. While sales of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles remain strong, sales have taken a hit following the devices’ strong performance during 2022.

Nevertheless, AMD is starting to claw back some of its PC gaming market share from Nvidia. With improved FSR image reconstruction and overhauled ray-tracing performance, the modern Radeon cards finally hold a candle to the upcoming Nvidia RTX 4090 SUPER specs.

AMD cards also have the benefit of often offering more VRAM for a cheaper price, making it an easier buy for budget gamers. For example, the AMD Radeon RX 7600XT managed to give players double the VRAM for just $60 more than its non-XT original.

Unfortunately, it does seem that AMD is still unwilling to take on Nvidia’s high-end GPUs with a head-to-head device, the brand is perfectly targeting the mid-range, budget gamer.

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