AMD 9000X3D CPUs - Release Date Estimate and What to Expect

A close up of an AMD 9000 Series processor (CPU) in front of an orange and black background
Credit: AMD

A close up of an AMD 9000 Series processor (CPU) in front of an orange and black background
Credit: AMD

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Looking forward to the AMD 9000X3D release date? If you've been waiting to finally upgrade your CPU, or switch over to AMD instead of Intel, this could be the perfect time for you, as AMD is set to launch new X3D variants of its latest high-performance chips.

AMD is launching the standard 9000 Series of CPUs in July, with the chips replacing the existing entries on the best AMD CPUs list. As huge rivals against the best Intel CPUs, AMD's upcoming and pricey chips could potentially overtake Intel's next-gen chips, but for when can you expect them to launch?

AMD 9000X3D Release Date Rumors

According to a report from Club 386, AMD is looking to launch the 9000 X3D CPUs in September, just two months after launching the base 9000 Series processors. That seems unlikely, but the source clearly mentions "launch" instead of announcement.

However, we'd still take this with a grain of salt. The 7000 Series received X3D variants seven months after they launched, and the 5000X3D options launched over a year and a half after the base 5000 Series, as such, we'd expect an announcement in September instead, with the chips launching close to CES 2025.

It's also worth noting that a short timespan between the base and the X3D variants will undermine the standard 9000 series of processors. If the company announces 9000X3D variants in July or August, the sales of the 9000 chips will likely see a drop.

Fortunately, many of the best AMD motherboards will still work with this upcoming line of processors, especially since AM5 will be supported for the foreseeable future. Unlike Intel, the company is keen to keep the same socket for years at a time, especially with the success of AM4.

We hope that AMD spends time finetuning the 3D V-Cache that makes them worth more bang for your buck, so to speak. We also hope that the upcoming 9000X3D variants are a worthy upgrade to the 7000X3D series. At least that gives you time to pick up one of the best graphics cards.

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