Apple's FineWoven case is so bad, Amazon is warning buyers

amazon warns users not to get apple finewoven case
Credit: Apple

amazon warns users not to get apple finewoven case
Credit: Apple

It looks like Apple’s FineWoven Case is something fans shouldn’t pick up, as everyone is telling them that it might damage their iPhone 15. We aren’t just talking about burned customers, as digital stores like Amazon are openly warning people that this case might be damaging their phones.

TechRadar confirms that Amazon store listings come with a warning for customers who are thinking about picking up this case. The Amazon listing claims that this is a “frequently returned item,” showing that a ton of Apple customers just don’t want to deal with it anymore.

Despite what the company will tell you, it seems that Apple’s FineWoven Case is just prone to scratching your phone and discoloring it as well, which isn’t good. While these won’t harm any of the iPhone features, no one will actively get something that scratches your product. The company will need to release a better case if it wants to rescue the “Finewover” brand.

Apple is still selling the case and is claiming that it will protect your iPhone for many years, so it seems the company won’t stop selling it anytime soon. The company could always release an upgraded version of it one of these days, especially if it doesn’t scratch your phone and mess with its colors.

Fans familiar with Apple devices know that the company is no stranger to releasing upgraded versions of their tech, that’s literally what they do with their iPhone and Vision Pro headset. Still, it will be interesting to see if the company does release a new version of the Apple FineWoven Case, given its current reputation. There’s always a chance that a third-party developer can make a better case and we’re sure fans would prefer something cheaper that doesn’t scratch their phone.

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Curious fans can pick up the Apple Finewoven Case from most Apple stores. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro are also readily available from these stores.

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