Amazfit GTR 4 Pro: Release Date Speculation, Predicted Price, and Potential Specs

Amazfit GTR 3 - Amazfit GTR 4 Pro release date, price, specs
Credit: Amazfit

Amazfit GTR 3 - Amazfit GTR 4 Pro release date, price, specs
Credit: Amazfit

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With the upcoming release of two new smartwatches, the GTR 4 and the GTS 4, fans of the brand are now asking about the Amazfit GTR 4 Pro with questions like: 'when will it be released?', 'how much will it cost?', and 'what specs will it have?'.

We scoured the backstreets of the internet like a Private Eye in a Humphrey Bogart movie to find every crumb of information that was out there before its release. Here's everything we know about the Amazfit GTR 4 Pro.

Amazfit GTR 4 Pro: Release Date

The Amazfit GTR 4 Pro was first launched in Germany and Poland during the IFA 2022 in Berlin.

In both countries, pre-sales began on 02/09/2022. German customers got theirs on 12/09/2022 and they arrived for Polish customers on 16/09/2022.

Meanwhile, sales went live in the UK on the 19th September and the GTR 4 Pro is now officially available worldwide.

Amazfit GTR 4 Pro: Price

The Germany and Poland launch came with a price tag of €199.99 for the GTR 4 Pro, and €99.99 for the GTS 4 Mini, both of which are now available to buy.

When the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro launched, it was selling at around the $249 mark. The standard GTR 3 watch meanwhile, cost around $180.

But what sort of new features might we expect to see?

Amazfit GTR 4 Pro: Specs

The new Amazfit watches have been upgraded to Zepp 2.0 as expected. This new operating system gives it further battery optimisation and much more customisation like new menu layouts and colour schemes.

A huge upgrade which is completely unknown to the market so far is the GTR 4 Pro's dual-band circularly-polarised GPS system, which allows the user to navigate accurately even in particularly difficult areas. Later firmware updates will also support a system that connects to 6 satellites.

Amazfit's battery life has blown expectations out of the water with a 270 mAh battery that can last up to 15 days with typical usage, and 45 days on battery saver mode.

The GTR 4 Pro comes in 4 colours: Midnight Black, Flamingo Pink, Mint Blue and Moonlight White, so you'll be free to get a watch that fits your style.

Over 150 sport modes are coming for both the Pro and the Mini, and 8 of the modes will automatically be detected. The systems also have an understanding of interval training and will count your reps, sets and rest periods when you're in the gym.

The Amazfit Global Twitter account has also mentioned some of the different sport modes, such as running, swimming, frisbee and even yoga.

Both watches have an AMOLED screen. The Mini has a 1.65" screen with a resolution of 336x384, and the GTR 4 Pro has a 1.43" screen in HD.

Amazfits's 4PD BioTracker 4.0 optical sensor is upgraded to 2LED, and Amazfit claims it collects 33% more data than the previous generation, almost putting it on par with a heart-rate sensor belt.

These upgrades also extend to the realm of sleep management, with extended options to tune your sleep patterns, and compatibility for night workers, so that everyone can get optimal sleep.

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