AliExpress Samsung SSDs are Hilarious Fakes with Surprising Results

aliexpress samsung ssds fake
Credit: Samsung/Windows Central

aliexpress samsung ssds fake
Credit: Samsung/Windows Central


  • AliExpress claims to be selling Samsung SSDs, these are obviously fake
  • Samsung has yet to make an official 1080 Pro SSD
  • Samsung could make a 1080 SSD someday, but not today

There’s still no Samsung SSD that can match a 1080 Pro, but some fakers are going to make them up and try to sell them to you. A number of tech fans have discovered these fake SSDs in various online retailers, showing how desperate some of these people are to make money.

Stores like AliExpress have been selling supposed Samsung 1080 Pro SSDs, even though no announcement from Samsung has been made regarding their existence. Despite that, these sellers are still trying to scam PC users into buying these cheap SSDs that will probably break easily.

While most users agree that this is a scam and is in no way an actual Samsung SSD, some other websites have given the piece of tech a shot. Korean tech site Quasarzone (via PC Gamer) gave it a shot and, to the surprise of no one, it was not what was advertised, despite having some capability.

Having a more powerful SSD from Samsung would be nice, as PC users are always trying to get the next big thing. In the future, we imagine that Samsung will actually decide to work on a new SSD for PC users to try, but that’s not now.

None of this is surprising since it comes from AliExpress, as the retailer tends to sell a variety of items that are high quality or incredibly blad. Gamers are used to getting quality retro handhelds from this site, but there are also items of poor quality, like these fake SSDs.

PC users might not get a major Samsung SSD anytime soon, but the company has worked on other tech improvements fans might enjoy. The company released high-end microSD cards that might have been made for Nintendo’s Switch 2, though that hasn’t been confirmed. At the least, this company is still working on things that will make life for PC users and gamers easier.

Do not buy the fake Samsung SSD being sold by these retailers. Wait for the company to announce an official one or buy SSDs from other companies.

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