Alienware upgrades their Aurora R16 desktop with top-shelf hardware

An Alienware Aurora R16 in a room filled with LED lights
Credit: Alienware

An Alienware Aurora R16 in a room filled with LED lights
Credit: Alienware

Alienware has just unveiled a huge upgrade to its latest powerhouse gaming desktop during TwitchCon 2023. The Alienware Aurora R16 desktop will be receiving a significant upgrade, boasting the latest, cutting-edge hardware components, making it Alienware's most powerful desktop gaming PC to date.

Previously released on August 3, the R16 is the most recent release in Alienware's Aurora gaming desktop line. On release, its most notable feature was namely its compact size, with previous Aurora desktops made notable for their massive footprint. Now, Alienware have decided to refresh their offering, boosting the R16's power without sacrificing its smaller chassis.

One of the standout improvements coming to the Aurora R16 is the move to using an Intel 14th-gen CPU. At the heart of the Aurora R16 is the formidable Intel Core i9-14900KF processor, which marks a significant leap in performance compared to its predecessor thanks to its 6 GHz Thermal Velocity Boost. Previously, the 13th-gen Core i9-3900F found in previous models topped out at 5.6 GHz. The i9-14900KF is a 24-core processor with a substantial 68MB cache, ensuring lightning-fast processing power.

The graphics performance is equally impressive. The Aurora R16 is equipped with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090, a graphics card that packs a staggering 24GB of GDDR6X memory. This represents a substantial upgrade from the RTX 4070 that was included in August's R16. Combined in tandem, the R16's new CPU and GPU makes for one of the most powerful prebuilt gaming PCs you can buy right now/

In addition to the CPU and GPU enhancements, the Aurora R16 provides generous memory and storage options. Users can now enjoy up to 64GB of Dual Channel DDR5 RAM, thanks to two 32GB sticks. On the storage front, the R16 will also now be available to buy with up to an impressive 4TB SSD, ensuring ample space for games, applications, and content creation files.

While the internal hardware upgrades are the highlights of the Aurora R16, Alienware hasn't overlooked its exterior. The desktop maintains the sleek design introduced back in August, characterized by improved airflow. Meanwhile, the new visual overhaul from August's refresh is maintained, using the Alienware Legend 3 design with the iconic enhanced oval loop lighting.

Despite the massive upgrade in hardware, the Alienware Aurora R16 is still 40% smaller in volume compared to the older R15. This reduction in size doesn't compromise on power but maintains the R16's practicality and placement capabilities.

The upgraded Alienware Aurora R16 will be available for purchase starting on October 17, with prices beginning at £1,800.

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