Aliens: Dark Descent permadeath - can you turn it off?

Aliens: Dark Descent permadeath - Xenomorph in red

Aliens: Dark Descent permadeath - Xenomorph in red

Players are now wondering if Aliens: Dark Descent permadeath option can be turned off. Others, on the other hand, are curious about the nature of Dark Descent's permadeath option. One thing's for sure - the permadeath option can make the game more exciting than ever.

Aside from the permadeath feature, players are also asking about the best weapons in Aliens: Dark Descent. All weapons in the game have their pros and cons, so it's wise to use right weapon for every instance.

If you're curious about the permadeath option of Aliens Dark Descent, continue reading this article.

Can you turn off Aliens: Dark Descent permadeath?

If you feel that the Xenomorphs are killing your marines fast, you can indeed turn off the permadeath option. This will make the game somehow easier while maintaining the challenge.

You can turn off the permadeath option from the settings menu. After turning the setting off, you'd notice that the effect will take place immediately.

Aliens: Dark Descent without permadeath is still a hair-raising experience. You never know many Xenomorphs will ambush your team right out of the corner.

Why should you turn on Aliens: Dark Descent permadeath?

You should turn off the permadeath option for Aliens: Dark Descent if you're looking for a deep, tactical challenge. The threat of permanently losing your marines should force you to make the right tactical decisions.

The permadeath option is also a great feature to raise the intrinsic pay-off upon reaching an objective. You'd feel more rewarded this way, and the game won't become stale fast.

Alien: Dark Descent's permadeath option is the same as Ironman mode of other games. The challenge is appealing, and you might even have a bragging right once you've finished the game with permadeath on.

Why shouldn't you turn on Aliens: Dark Descent permadeath?

If you're a casual gamer or are not looking to challenge your skills, then you probably should not turn on the permadeath option for Aliens: Dark Descent. You might find the experience distasteful, especially if your marines keep dying and dying over again.

Keep in mind that Aliens: Dark Descent is still challenging even without permadeath. You'd still lose precious time if your colonial marines were suddenly eviscerated by the vicious Xenomorphs. That would mean that you'd lose precious time that you have trained them along with the skills.

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