Albion Online open beta starts for MMO's "untouched" Europe server

Blacksmith using a hammer in Albion Online gameplay
Credit: Sandbox Interactive

Blacksmith using a hammer in Albion Online gameplay
Credit: Sandbox Interactive


  • Albion Online has launched the open beta for the Europe server, giving anticipated players some time to dive in
  • The server features an “untouched” version of the game, alongside improved connection and event times for European players
  • Founder’s Packs for the Europe server are still available, giving you in-game rewards and a early access to the server later this month

Despite being released back in 2017, MMO Albion Online has only just started launching the official Europe server for the game. Previously, players from Europe and the Middle East would have to choose between Albion West and Albion East, which have now been renamed to Albion Americas and Albion Asia respectively. And, if you want to try the new server, you can do so now.

If you're hoping to make the most of the Albion Online island, then the new Europe server is the best way to do it. Despite soft-launching with a closed beta on April 3, 2024, Sandbox Interactive is now opening the gates with an Open Beta, before the server officially releases on April 29, 2024.

There's plenty of benefits to jumping into Albion Online with the launch of the new server. Firstly, joining the Europe server if you reside in the region means you'll have improved connection and ping, which is seriously beneficial when partaking in PvP. There's also the fact that the new server is "untouched", compared to servers that are years old by now.

The Albion Online weapons tier list should be the same no matter which server you create a character in, but thankfully, the new server will mean you can take part in server events with your best weapons at reasonable times. Which is great, especially if you're used to staying up until 2AM to take part in Albion Online events.

If you enjoy the open beta, you can still grab some of the Albion Online Founder's Packs while they're still available. Users who grab one can reserve their character and guild names ahead of the launch date, as well as take part in an early access period that starts on April 24, 2024, exclusive to those who purchased a Founder's Pack of varying ranks.

This is the best time to dive into the MMORPG if you've been waiting for an official Europe server, or want to test the game before spending a fortune on in-game bonuses.

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