How to make the most of an Albion Online island

Albion Online Island
Credit: Sandbox Interactive

Albion Online Island
Credit: Sandbox Interactive

Looking for all the Albion Online island information you need? We've got you covered.

You build strategise, build, and fortify your island at its maximum capacity and ready your land for any attacks. Building an island is a crucial part of all the tasks in Albion online. It lets you upgrade your land and comes with utilize your resources to the finest.

In this guide, take a look at various methods on how you can make the most out of an Albion Online island.

Albion Online island uses

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Credit: Alter of Gaming
Albion Online Island veggies

Grow veggies for animal feeding

Each of your farm plots can grow nine seeds. So, you can start by growing two of the best crops for feeding the animals:

  • Cabbage
  • Carrots

Cabbage is a T3 crop type with an 80% chance of producing extra seeds. Now, if you remember to water the seeds, you increase that chance to 120%. This, in turn, gives you a 20% chance to get two seeds.

And since crop types differ in the percentage of seeds they produce. And this percentage also differs in how you water these seeds.

As for carrots, these are T1 crops with no chance of producing any extra seeds. Of course, when you water them, you raise the chance to 200%. Hence, unwatered plants will give you no seeds, while watered carrot plants will give you two seeds.

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Albion Online Island mount

Grow your mounts

Your pastures will make it easy for you to grow your mounts. Start by adding loads of chickens to your pastures. This way, you can unlock the horses for mounts. Of course, when you gather excessive amounts of chickens, and you have enough mounts for your island, get your investment return by selling off the chickens to the market.

Horses become available when you garner enough fame, which means you can now buy a foal or a calf from the NPC merchant on the animal tab or the auction on the market. Similar to the crops you can put only nine of these animals per pasture size.

To grow these animals, keep feeding them your crops from the cultivation. Depending on the animal's tier, they'll require a different amount of food to grow. And for more profit, you can keep nurturing animals of each tier before moving on to the next.

For more exotic mounts, the artefact or the animal you need will vary depending on the mount's tier rank. As for an armoured horse, you'll need 20 metal and 10 cloth at the same tier as the horse.

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albion online island labour

Gather labourers

You need three kinds of labourers to grow your island:

  • Mercenary
  • Crafter
  • Gatherer

You can buy them from your island's house or the Guild House. Getting a gatherer will cost you 30-50 resources, varying by their tier ranks. To make them work, you need two journals- the General and the Specialised Journal. The General Journal gathers fame from harvesting cotton, gathering stones, etc. As for the Specialized journal, it gathers fame from specific in-game tasks.

The Hide and Mercenary Labour have a different Trophy Journal, which returns you a Trophy when you clear that tier. Each of these trophies is useful as you can place them inside your house and generate five happiness, which affects three of your labourers.

Similarly, the Crafting journal can be filled with crafting activities with different materials like leather and cotton. As for the Mercenary journal, it fills up after killing mobs which grants you silver. However, the silver earned is lesser than the labour work.

All labourers work best with increased happiness and completing Journal activities. For happiness, you need trophies, tables, and chairs. Each labourer needs 50% happiness to work, which can rise up to 150% for better returns of labour.

You need one table for four labourers and one bed per labourer. Make sure to always upgrade your furniture tiers for increased happiness and better returns.

There you have it, that's a closer look at all the things you can do on an island in Albion Online. Try out this sandbox MMORPG today and indulge yourself in seamless world-building activities

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