Alan Wake 2 features the return of Quantum Break’s Shawn Ashmore

alan wake 2 quantum break shawn ashmore
Credit: Xbox/Remedy Entertainment

alan wake 2 quantum break shawn ashmore
Credit: Xbox/Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 continues to be a talking point amongst gamers, with many excited about the sequel’s release this year. Those fans are about to start buzzing, as Quantum Break star Shawn Ashmore is reportedly appearing in the sequel.

PayneReactor, a fan account dedicated to Remedy and Rockstar Games, claims that Ashmore will be playing a major role in the horror title. This rumour claims that Ashmore will be a character named Tim Breaker, which might be a play on “time breaker,” due to the game’s unique premise.

Unfortunately, Ashmore will not be reprising his role as Jack Joyce from Quantum Break. Despite also being developed by Remedy, Microsoft owns the rights to the game and is not part of the connected universe.

Currently, Alan Wake 2 only shares the same universe as Control, another acclaimed title from Remedy. This was actually confirmed when DLC for Control explicitly had connections to Alan Wake, though we doubt Jesse Faden will make an appearance in the sequel.

PayneReactor claims Shawn Ashmore will be in Alan Wake 2.
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Credit: PayneReactor (Twitter)

While the sequel isn’t connected to Quantum Break, Remedy almost used some of their ideas from the Xbox exclusive. Apparently, there were plans to use similar TV episodes with live-action actors, though that idea eventually got scrapped.

Still, knowing Remedy, we wouldn’t be surprised if there ends up being a wink or nod to the existence of Quantum Break. The Xbox exclusive is still popular, which is why there was a small outcry when it was temporarily removed from Game Pass. It has since been brought back after music rights issues were cleared but that taught fans to keep their physical copies.

In regards to physical copies, Remedy will not be releasing any of Alan Wake 2, despite doing that for Alan Wake Remastered. Remedy has attempted to defend the move but when lower budget titles like The Grinch have physical copies, it’s not a good look.

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Alan Wake 2 is coming out on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC on October 27. The sequel was originally planned for a October 17 release but had a slight delay.

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