AI Videos Deface Star Trek’s Picard, Ruins The Flash, And Generally Sucks

Picard from Star Trek in his iconic outfit next to an image of CW's The Flash preparing to run
Credit: CW / Paramount

Picard from Star Trek in his iconic outfit next to an image of CW's The Flash preparing to run
Credit: CW / Paramount

Considering how iconic Star Trek and DC are, it's no surprise that people are using them to generate AI videos. Characters like Jean-Luc Picard and Barry Allen, better known as The Flash, are being turned into AI content on social media, and the results are as dreadful as you'd expect.

Many people are eagerly awaiting OpenAI Sora, the video generation tool by the creators of the best AI chatbot, ChatGPT 4o. Meanwhile, a newly released AI video generator is currently captivating artificial intelligence enthusiasts.

Luma Dream Machine has been generating uncanny videos since its debut late last week, but the latest creations being shared on Twitter have been tarnishing beloved IPs, including Star Trek and CW's The Flash (admittedly, the later seasons already did some damage to the show).

The first video showcases Star Trek's Picard with the classic facepalm meme. The AI aspect comes into play as it artificially generates a face when Picard's hand moves away. Unsurprisingly, the horrifying result has become a laughing stock as people share the terrifying outcomes of this AI-generated video.

However, that uncanny reveal pales in comparison to the absolute ugliness of an AI-generated video of The Flash. Not even The Fastest Man Alive can outrun terrible AI videos, as an awful AI-generated song plays and Barry Allen becomes an unwitting rapper in this dreadful video. It looks like a PS1 game, but without any of the charm and passion that went into those classic titles.

The 'creator' of The Flash video tells users that "[Luma] Dream Studio clips can be infinitely long by grabbing the last frame & generating a follow-up clip." The result is a horrifying take on The Flash, giving you nightmares and becoming the worst moment in The Flash's history, which, considering the CW show's later seasons, is an impressive feat.

There's no doubt that as the best AI image generation tools become less novel and people join the OpenAI Sora waitlist, Luma Dream Machine will be AI enthusiasts' favorite tool for the time being. Unfortunately, the generated videos are distasteful, and the defacing of iconic characters seems like a good reason for IP owners to step in and stop these videos. At least, we hope so.

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