AI Oasis album created by fans tired of waiting for new music

ai oasis album created by fans tired of waiting for new music

ai oasis album created by fans tired of waiting for new music

Fans have created an AI Oasis album because they’re tired of waiting for the band to release new music. Oasis hasn’t released a new album since 2009 due to issues between the band’s two musician brothers, so fans have decided to make their own.

An article from The Guardian reveals that this AI-created album is being treated like some piece of lost media, which is hilarious. What’s even funnier is that the music seems to be pretty decent, albeit, inhuman-feeling. It’s definitely unnerving to hear AI pretend to be someone else, especially since they seemingly haven’t given their consent.

“We just got bored waiting for Oasis to re-form,” says Bobby Geraghty, a 32-year-old singer, songwriter and producer. “All we have now is Liam and his brother trying to outdo each other. But that isn’t Oasis. So we got an AI-modelled Liam to step in on some tunes that were originally written for a short-lived but much-loved band called Breezer.”

The album has been received well by fans on YouTube, with many surprised at how much these songs “feel” like Oasis. You’d think that this band could have just used these songs and admit that they’re inspired by the popular group. Sadly, AI seems to be taking over a lot of creative media and this new example is horrifying.

It doesn’t completely capture the group’s spirit either as they mostly focus on songs sung by Liam Gallagher. There are also a good number of songs that were sung by Noel but Breezer feels that most people associate the band with Liam.

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Considering how Liam, Noel, and other members of Oasis haven’t seemingly okayed this move, it just feels icky listening to this album. Granted, it doesn’t seem like they’re going to be performed live anytime soon but this shows just how bad AI can be for entire industries. People might not bother with their natural talents if AI can just replicate older singers.

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