AI deepfake tech is turning strangers into cheap advert mouthpieces

AI deepfake tech is rapidly becoming adopted in modern media. As celebrities like Bruce Willis allow their faces to be used in foreign advertisements, the illusion of deepfake is only strengthening. If you're willing, you might even be included.

Reported by MIT Technology Review, Tel Aviv startup Hour One is paying normal civilians to become deepfake models. Essentially, if accepted, your likeness can be used as a blank canvas for whatever customers like, much like a stock image.

Hour One pays you to become an AI deepfake model

At the time of writing, Hour One has 100 different deepfake characters available for companies to license. These characters can be used in any content the customer wishes. However, suggested users are: e-commerce, real estate, e-learning, human resources and more.

To hand over your likeness, you'll hand to apply on the Hour One website. The company isn't interested in an army of AI supermodels; the deepfake company is looking for a wide range of actors. Once accepted, Hour One will then film your face in multiple positions with multiple expressions to get the best results.

It’s worth noting that your voice will never be attached to the AI deepfake. Instead, text-to-speech is used for most customers with higher paying customers having a professional voice actor attached. It's just your body they're using.

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Ethics and more

The ethical implications of selling your identity to a company are vast. Unlike stock images, customers can make your likeness say just about anything. Your face could be used to teach kids to read, it could also be attached to a political campaign you would never agree with.

Hour One states that every single video will have some kind of watermark to label it as an AI deepfake. However, watermarks can be easily removed with other AI reconstruction programs.

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