Acer introduces new Chromebooks for beginners and students

Working from home is a commonplace theme ever since the pandemic hit last year, which is why many manufacturers are focusing more on laptops that help with students who are staying at home.

Acer is one of those manufacturers, recently announcing five laptops for the schools-space, four Chromebooks and one Windows.

While some use tablets or even their Gaming PC for work, it can be an easy distraction when YouTube and Steam is just a click away.

With that, here's the specifications for all four laptops, and when they could be arriving in stores.


The Acer Spin 512 and Spin 511 are powered by Intel CPU's that both have 8GB memory, up to 64GB storage, and can both convert into a tablet when needed.

The Spin 512 has a 12-inch HD+ 3:2 display, while the Spin 511 has a 11.6-inch HD 16:19 display, while the battery life for both can last for up to 10 hours.

The other two are the ARM-powered Chromebook 311 and Chromebook 511; the 511 is powered by a Qualcomm 7c processor, alongside having a 4G LTE cellular function. The 311 has a Mediatek MT8183 ARM processor but without a 4G chip. Both can last up to 20 hours on a single charge.

The final laptop is the TravelMate Spin B3, that can transform from a laptop into a tablet, which runs on Windows 10, and has a 12 hour battery life, powered by an Intel Pentium Silver CPU.

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When do they Come Out?

The prices for the Chromebooks are:

  • Acer Spin 511 - $399.99
  • Acer Spin 512 - $429.99
  • Chromebook 311 - $299.99
  • Chromebook 511 - $399.99

The Chromebook 311 and Spin 511 launches in March, while the Chrome book 511 and Spin 512 launches in April.

The price for the Travelmate is unconfirmed, but Acer have said that they're aiming for a launch from April.

While Chromebooks were brushed aside when they first appeared, they've become fantastic devices that can focus on a few things well, while having great battery life. They're a great rival to the iPad line, especially when the uses for a Chromebook can overlook them.

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