A Fire Emblem Remake was supposed to release before Engage

a fire emblem remake was supposed to release before engage
Credit: Nintendo

a fire emblem remake was supposed to release before engage
Credit: Nintendo

Despite the recent release of Fire Emblem Engage, fans are already focused on the best game in the series. A potential Fire Emblem remake has been for quite sometime with rumours suggesting a redo of Genealogy of the Holy War. However, it seems that this remake was suppose to release before Engage.

Considering how popular Fire Emblem has become in recent years, it wouldn’t surprise us if this Fire Emblem remake ends up being true. Until an actual reveal or major leak happens, all we can do is take the news of a Genealogy of the Holy War remake with a pinch of salt.

Still, considering that the Switch is already home to four games of the series - two main instalments and two Warriors spinoffs - expect some possible news in the future. Now that fans are prepping themselves for Fire Emblem Engage DLC, we don’t expect any major news for a while.

A fun fact from Twitter user @DeathChaos25 claims that each mainline Fire Emblem game is codenamed as Iron with a number next to it. Interestingly, Three Houses was labeled as Iron17 while Engage is Iron19, implying that another game may have been made in between.

Many believed that Iron18 was attributed to the recent Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, a Dynasty Warriors spin-off. However, these recent Musou games don’t carry the same internal codenames as mainline entries in the series, meaning that one game is missing.

The tweet has led to many fans in ResetERA bringing up the rumoured Genealogy of the Holy War remake that fans have been craving. Despite being a popular topic that has been shared by some insiders, we have yet to see anything that proves this is an actual game being made. However, the Iron code does make it slightly more believable.

Only time will tell if we actually get a Fire Emblem remake based on Generalogy of the Holy War or something else entirely. Remakes aren’t out of the question for this series since we did see Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia on 3DS and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon on DS.

For now, fans can enjoy Fire Emblem Engage and Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Nintendo Switch.

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