A big Marvel Comics announcement is on the way

A major Marvel Comics announcement could come next week, as multiple writers and artists have been referencing something huge in development this week. 

Donny Cates, who is one of the writers behind Venom and Thor, alluded to a project he was working on this week on Twitter. In the Tweet, Cates states:  "Man, I've having so much fun on this new Marvel book I'm doing. I can't wait anymore...I'm just going to go ahead and announce it next week.”

Artist Ryan Ottley also joined in, stating: “I doubt Marvel would be MORE mad if you just announced it NOW compared to next week. Just tell them, Donny!”

This started a chain reaction of creators chiming in, all of which were teasing and referencing the forthcoming announcement. 


Marvel Steps In

It didn’t take long for Marvel to step in, as Marvel’s editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski Tweeted, asking creators to “slow it down here.”

The official Marvel Entertainment Twitter channel retweeted Bryan Hitch a few moments later. According to the account, we can expect to see the announcement next week.

It would appear that Marvel has numerous comic projects in development, so there could be numerous releases appearing soon. 

Donny Cates 

Cates was pretty tight-lipped about what the project could be. This didn't stop fan speculating on Twitter. Some fans are hoping for an Avengers related release, while others are hoping for SleepWalker or Carnage. 

Cates has an impressive history, having written everything from Thor to Captain America and King in Black. 

Whatever the announcement is, it sure is an exciting time to be a comic fan. 

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