George R.R. Martin wants the Game of Thrones universe to crush Marvel and Star Wars

Game of Thrones continues to stay relevant with the recent release of House of the Dragon. As the new spin-off pulls in big numbers for HBO Max, even more Game of Thrones content is coming.

This content flood comes at the behest of creator George R.R. Martin. The beloved HBO series is set to see even more stories with plans to make it a cinematic universe similar in scope to the MCU or Star Wars.

We’ve seen numerous companies attempt to make an MCU-style cinematic universe and a lot of them haven’t been successful, even DC. Considering how beloved the world of Westeros is, a Game of Thrones-style cinematic universe does seem possible, even if the main show ended badly.

Making Game of Thrones expand like the MCU

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, George R.R. Martin talked about his hopes for multiple Game of Thrones spin-offs. Apparently, this is something both Martin and HBO want to do, so more shows like House of the Dragon could come to fruition.

“How many shows will make it to air? I don’t know, but I hope the answer will be several,” Martin said. “And we’ll have something akin to the Marvel or ‘Star Wars’ model by the time it’s all settled.”

This statement isn’t anything new as we’ve seen similar attempts with the Dark Universe, DCEU, and even Sony’s Spider-Man universe. While the DCEU has some hits, it’s clear that a cinematic universe needs people who care about the source material to make it succeed. Hopefully, Martin is up to the task if he wants this to succeed.

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When is George R.R. Martin going to finish his books?

Making a Game of Thrones cinematic universe is interesting and all but when is George R.R. Martin going to finish his books? It’s what many fans are asking now that Martin has made it clear that he wants to make a cinematic universe.

The lack of a final book is what made the final season of Game of Thrones bad, along with its rushed pacing and poor character writing. Martin will likely act as a supervisor to make sure everything goes well, like Kevin Feige does for Marvel, but a new book would make everyone happy.

House of the Dragon can now be watched on HBO Max.

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