Danny DeVito demands to be put in this live-action Disney movie

Danny DeVito continues to be a beloved part of pop culture, thanks to movies like Madeline, The Lorax, and, of course, Hercules. With a live-action Hercules movie coming from Disney, many fans want Danny DeVito to reprise his role as Phil, including DeVito himself.

Admittedly, the live-action Disney remakes have been a mixed bag, as a lot of them miss the wonder and fun of their 2D originals. Is the live-action remake of Hercules going to be a mixed bag too? Or can it be saved if Danny DeVito appears and reprises his role as Phil?

Hercules needs Danny DeVito as Phil

Making an appearance in WIRED, Danny DeVito participated in the “Web’s Most Searched Questions” skit, one of which asked if he would be in the live-action Hercules. Without skipping a beat, DeVito humorously said that he IS the live-action Hercules before giving a slightly crass response.

“I am the live-action Hercules,” DeVito explains. “What are you talking about? Philoctetes? “If they don’t put me in that, they don’t have a hair on their a**.”

Though he might have been having fun, it would be a shame if they didn’t cast DeVito as Phil in the live-action Hercules. After all, the character was seemingly designed and written around Danny DeVito’s personality, so it would be a mistake to cast someone else.

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What to expect from the live-action Hercules

Even if the recent live-action Disney remakes have been mixed, there is some excitement with the live-action Hercules remake. The Russo Brothers of Winter Soldier and Infinity War fame are producers, while Guy Ritchie will be the film’s director.

If anything can improve the film’s chances of being a hit, hiring Danny DeVito as Phil would be a good call. Then again, a number of these remakes have chosen new actors in these classic roles, with the exception of James Earl Jones as Mufasa.

No release date for the live-action Hercules movie has been revealed.

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