This 2TB MicroSD card is the ultimate Steam Deck storage device

2tb microsd card steam deck storage
Credit: AGI/Valve

2tb microsd card steam deck storage
Credit: AGI/Valve

Steam Deck owners who want to fit even more games into their massive handheld now have their solution: a huge 2TB microSD card. There might be gamers who think 2TB is too much but considering how big some games can get, this might be a lifesaver.

AGI announced (via PCGamesN) they have made a 2TB microSD card, called the Supreme Pro TF138 microSD V30/A2, which should let fans put their backlog on their Steam Deck. Nintendo Switch fans can probably put all of their backlog in this piece of tech as well, showing just how powerful this little thing is.

Those with a Steam Deck can also expect to see games put fast in this microSD card, as this has 170MB/s read speeds and 160MB/s write speeds. Depending on your internet connection, this can mean that games will download quickly, which is great.

In terms of price, nothing has been listed yet, but gamers can expect this item to be fairly pricey. Saving up for a 1TB or 1.5TB microSD card is already pretty painful for the wallet, so we imagine this will be even more painful. Still, if that means owning an item that can hold several 100GB games, this could be an essential accessory for Steam Deck owners.

We’d love to have this 2TB microSD card to store huge games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor or Final Fantasy VII Remake. We can only imagine how big some 2024 games are going to be, so this could be a wake-up call for owners of Valve’s handheld.

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Valve recently released the Steam Deck OLED, a better model of the original that now has up to 1TB of internal memory. Having one of those with a 2TB microSD card could mean gamers can store numerous triple-A titles or a hundred indie games. Whatever gamers choose to put into their Deck, this microSD card will ensure they have space for everything they could want.

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