Holographic board games will be the hot product of 2023

Board games have been going through quite the resurgence lately, with several YouTube channels and podcasts digitising the popular pastime. It looks like tabletop gaming has its eye on the future, as holographic board games enter production, aiming to release as early as next year.

We’ve seen board games experiment with digital media before, whether they be video games or websites dedicated to playing them online. Holographic board games are a natural way for the hobby to get more popular and it will be interesting to see how hobbyists react.

Are holographic board games the future?

Tilt Five has announced that a holographic board game version of Catan is in the works and scheduled for release in Spring 2023. Now dubbed as Catan — Tilt Five AR, a video was also released to hype up the announcement, though no actual footage was shown of the holographic board game.

Seeing Catan get a holographic board game could be the start of something big, with more titles likely getting holographic versions as well. Catan currently uses AR headsets from Tilt Five that project light onto the board game and seemingly make it 3D.

With the medium continuing to grow in popularity, more titles using similar technology are sure to follow. Only time will tell if this version of Catan will be a big deal but it’s not impossible, given how much people are playing board games these days.

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Is everyone down for holographic board game night?

Though the idea of playing holographic board games is exciting, one has to wonder if the tech will be worth it. Everybody wants to be more immersed in their hobbies but if they can already have fun with tabletop games as is, will AR be worth it?

If anything, these holographic board games will likely remain as alternate options for those with AR headsets and not much else. While promising, people already have a good time with their regular board games and we doubt everyone will be able to get an AR headset.

Catan — Tilt Five AR will be coming out in Spring 2023.

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