Disney Virtual World Simulator will use AR holograms to personalise Disneyland

Disneyland has been at the forefront of theme park technology for decades. From impressive simulators to almost lifelike animatronics, the company has worked hard to keep is theme park up to date.

This trend is set to continue with Disney Virtual World Simulator, an augmented reality addition to the beloved theme park. But will it take off? Or will it join the ranks of our beloved boy Buzzy?

What is Disney Virtual World Simulator?

Reported by WTSP, Disney has filed patents that will infuse Disneyland theme parks with augmented reality technology. However, instead of massive holograms designed for everyone to enjoy, each attendee will be treated to a unique experience.

The patent explains that the technology would project moving 3D images onto real-world objects. These “holograms” would then be able to interact with individual users, reacting to their actions in real space.

For example, when browsing a princess dress shop window, the technology could project a Disney Princess to interact with the window-shopper. Additionally, Disney Virtual World Simulator could be used to make long queues less boring by allowing people to interact with beloved characters.

The technology is designed to allow more personalised experiences in the theme park via user tracking. This means that the tech can “a moving perspective of one of a user in the real-world venue or a camera in the real-world venue” and correct in real-time.

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The future of Disneyland

The Disney Virtual World Simulator offers just one aspect of the future of Disneyland. On one hand, the augmented reality technology will enhance the real-world location. On the other hand, the company is also working on Metaverse versions of the attraction in hopes of capitalising on a VR future.

With that said, Disneyland isn't going away, and it's AR enhancements likely won't take over the park for decades to come. After all, the physical experience is what most people come to the theme park for.

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