Why was there no BeReal today?

Why Was There No BeReal Today?

Why Was There No BeReal Today?

Wondering why there was no BeReal today? Read on to find out!

BeReal sends random daily notifications for capturing and posting pictures within 2 minutes. However, some days the notification doesn't arrive, leaving users wondering if BeReal forgot to send it.

Well, the BeReal notifications are probably automated so there is no chance of human error there. With that in mind, let's find out the real reason why there was no BeReal today.

Why was there no BeReal notification today?

The BeReal time is from 09:00 AM to 11:59 pm. If you didn't receive a notification within this time, here are the possible reasons why there was no BeReal:

  • BeReal servers are down.
  • A bug is causing the BeReal notification to not work for you.

To address this situation, first, visit BeReal's official Twitter page to check for any updates on server status. If they have posted about server issues, there won't be any notifications until the problem is resolved.

If there are no server issues with BeReal, it could be a bug preventing your notifications from appearing. To confirm, reach out to your friends and check if they received the notification or not.

If you find yourself alone in this situation, begin by attempting the troubleshooting tips provided in the "How to fix no BeReal notification" guide. As a last resort, you can opt to uninstall and reinstall the app.

What's wrong with the BeReal app?

BeReal is a relatively new app, so there are some bugs and issues. BeReal not working properly, post not uploading issues and the can't add friends issue are the most common complaints that people have about the BeReal app.

Because of the reason that the app is buggy, users are deleting their BeReal accounts and leaving the app for alternatives such as Instagram Candid Challenges and TikTok Now.

Anyway, the developers are working on fixing the issues and trying to make the app better. You can give your suggestions and feedback about the BeReal app via the WhatsApp group.

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