Why Was There No BeReal Today?

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Why Was There No BeReal Today?

Wondering why there was no BeReal today? Read on to find out!

BeReal sends you a notification every day at a random time prompting you to capture and post a picture within 2 minutes of receiving the notification. The BeReal time today is consistently random. But, some days the "Time to BeReal" notification doesn't come, and it makes users wonder, "Did BeReal forget to send a notification today?"


Well, the BeReal notifications are probably automated so there is no chance of human error there. With that in mind, let's find out the real reason why there was no BeReal today.

Why Was There No BeReal Notification Today?

There are possibly two reasons why there was no BeReal notification today. The first is that the BeReal servers are down and the second reason could be that you are hit by the BeReal notification not working bug.

In this situation, the first thing you should do is go to the official Twitter page of BeReal and see if they have posted anything about their servers being down. If it turns out that the BeReal servers are down, then there won't be any notification until the issue is resolved.


If there are no issues with the BeReal servers, then it could be the bug that is causing your notifications to not show up. In that case, you should first check with your friends to confirm if they received the notification or not.

Assuming that you are alone in this predicament, you should start by trying out the troubleshooting tips mentioned in how to fix no BeReal notification. As a nuclear option, you can install the Beta version of BeReal.

However, there is perhaps one other cause - BeReal intentionally skipped the notification today. Who knows, maybe they really do just want you to go outside.


What's Wrong With The BeReal App?

BeReal is a relatively new app, so there are some bugs and issues. BeReal not working properly, post not uploading issues and the can't add friends issue are the most common complaints that people have about the BeReal app.

Because of the reason that the app is buggy, users are deleting their BeReal account and leaving the app. Instagram Candid Challenges is an alternative to the BeReal app that you can try if you are considering abandoning the app.


Anyway, the developers are working on fixing the issues and trying to make the app better. You can give your suggestions and feedback about the BeReal app via the WhatsApp group. For the time being, we recommend you install BeReal Beta as it solves most issues.

Before you leave, have a look at other BeReal tutorials such as how to see BeReal without posting and how to make BeReal public.