What Time Is BeReal Today?

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What Time Is BeReal Today?

What time is BeReal today, we hear you wondering.

Knowing the exact time BeReal would send you the notification to share the pic can be a game changer. It will allow you to plan ahead and stage your selfie to save yourself from posting embarrassing photos.

Also, it could help you with the hassle of deleting your BeReal post which turns out to be unflattering - if you know the BeReal time for today beforehand. But is this possible?


What Time Is The BeReal App Today?

There is no set time for BeReal - it changes every day. But is it possible to predict the BeReal time for today?

Well, you can't precisely predict the BeReal time for today or tomorrow or any given day. However, the notifications are sent during the "normal waking hours" in your selected time zone. So, the BeReal time for today could be anything from 7 AM to 12 PM.

The takeaway is that you can't plan your BeReal post for the day, since the notification comes at a random time. So, play by the rule, be real and post the unfiltered, uncurated picture of yourself.

Of course, you can take your time and post a late but perfect BeReal but keep in mind that your upload will get a shameful “posted late” timestamp. In addition, the app will notify all your friends to let them know you've just made a "late" post.

You can also choose to not post at all. There is a trade-off, however. BeReal posts from your friends and the Discovery page will be hidden until you post your own BeReal.


Is BeReal At The Same Time For Everyone?

Every BeReal user within the same region gets the notification at the same time. This way you can see what all of your friends are doing at, say 4:00 PM.

However, you can change the time you receive notifications by changing your time zone, so you don't get notifications at the same time as all your friends.

To change the time zone, go to your profile, tap the 3-dots icon and select Time Zone. Now choose a time zone you like. It is worth mentioning that you can only change your time zone once a day.


BeReal Time Prediction

As we mentioned earlier, there is no way to precisely predict the BeReal time. However, we already know that the notifications are sent during the "normal waking hours," which are 7 AM to 12 PM.

We tried to narrow it further down by looking at the BeReal time for the past few days. From the data we gathered, we found that we didn't get the notifications before 8 AM or after 12 PM.

So, this 16-hour time window is the one that you should expect to receive a notification in. The time frame is still pretty broad, but it gives us a better idea of when the notifications will be sent.


BeReal Time History

We're tracking the BeReal notification time in different time zones to see if we can find any pattern. The table below shows the BeReal notification time history for the past few days. We can use this information to predict the BeReal time better.

Date Americas (CT) Europe (BST) East Asia (IST) West Asia
26-09-2022--01:59 PM-
25-09-202205:23 PM-10:59 AM-
24-09-202201:13 PM-04:59 PM-
23-09-202211:22 AM-07:15 PM-
22-09-202201:00 PM-11:59 AM-
21-09-202211:26 PM-12:56 PM-
20-09-2022--08:21 PM-
19-09-20225:03 PM-06:51 PM-
18-09-202203:08 PM-01:15 PM-
17-09-202205:16 PM-08:55 PM-
16-09-202207:52 PM-10:29 AM-
15-09-202205:20 PM-05:52 PM-
14-09-202207:32 PM-01:28 PM-
13-09-202212:35 pm12:15 PM08:48 PM-
12-09-2022-08:11 AM07:38 PM-
11-09-202207:33 PM-03:52 PM-
10-09-202209:37 PM-10:52 PM-
09-09-2022-11:24 AM12:07 PM-
08-09-2022-3:33 PM01:49 PM-
07-09-2022-06:04 PM08:09 PM-
06-09-202201:22 PM05:32 PM06:24 PM-
05-09-2022--10:45 PM-

When Does BeReal Reset?

BeReal doesn't have a fixed reset time either. BeReal reset when the next BeReal notification goes out. In other words, the BeReal reset time is the same as the BeReal notification time.

Now that you know the BeReal time, have a look at how to make your BeReal public and how to login to BeReal on a new phone.